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The Heavy Construction Equipment Magazine Subscribers file consists of top decision makers who read the nation’s leading BtoB construction equipment trade magazines. These subscribers include highway & heavy construction contractors, excavating & grading contractors, concrete contractors, and more. Fine tune your list by selecting type of business, purchasing authority, gender, etc. This file includes subscribers to Compact Equipment Magazine, Equipment World Magazine, Landscape & Hardscape Construction Magazine, Grading & Excavating Contractor, and more.

Minimum Order:

5,000 Records

Commission / Credit Policy:

20% to Recognized Brokers. 15% to Recognized Agencies.

Cancel Charges:

All POSTAL orders cancelled prior to the mail date will incur a $50.00 flat cancellation fee, $15.00/M run charges, plus applicable shipping charges. All EMAIL orders cancelled prior to email date will incur a $125.00 flat cancellation fee, plus applicable production / run charges. No cancellations will be accepted after the email date.

Delivery Schedule:

Five Business Days

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  • Domestic


  • One Time Use

Available Counts:

Phone Numbers $50.00/M
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Phone Numbers 430,100
Gender $15.00/M
Select Count
Male 572,787
Female 99,462
Type of Business $20.00/M
Select Count
Both Heavy & General Bldg 307,324
Highway & Heavy Construction 161,639
Concrete 115,503
Highways and Streets 109,643
Grading & Excavating 97,984
Asphalt Contractor 83,649
Utility, Water, Sewer, Pipeline 75,924
Commercial & Non Residential 56,121
Aggregate Mining 29,702
Government 28,264
General Building Construction 16,590
Logging and Wood Pulp Processing 5,836
Equipment Rental 2,506
Construction Material Producer 2,248
Landscape Contractor 1,731
Job Title $20.00/M
Select Count
Corporate Management 427,342
Owner/CEO/President 326,990
Middle Management 129,644
Safety 18,239
Engineer 13,009
Equipment Staff 9,253
Sales / Marketing 4,963
Government Official 2,855
Annual Sales Volume $25.00/M
Select Count
Under $500K 142,639
$500K-$1 Million 53,510
$1 Million - $5 Million 108,752
$5 Million - $10 Million 37,254
$10 Million + 55,597
Employee Size $25.00/M
Select Count
1-10 220,193
11-25 46,746
26-49 56,858
50-100 23,828
100-249 18,007
250+ 9,239
Purchasing Authority $25.00/M
Select Count
Heavy Construction Equipment 28,746
Earth Moving Equipment 25,961
Trucks/Hauling Equipment 25,016
Maintenance Equipment 23,791
Safety Equipment 20,984
Parts/Components/Auto Accessories 18,696
Materials Producing/Processing 18,551
Computer Hardware 18,506
Attachments 16,825
Financing 15,195
General Utility Equipment 13,906
Construction Materials 13,690
Lifting Equipment 13,545
Forming/Scaffolding 9,538

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Updated Monthly

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Selection Price
Job Title $20.00/M
Annual Sales Volume $25.00/M
Employee Size $25.00/M
Type of Business $20.00/M
Purchasing Authority $25.00/M
Phone Numbers $50.00/M
Gender $15.00/M
Geography $15.00/M

Production Charges

Charge Price
Electronic Delivery $65.00/F
Key Coding $5.00/M
Title Slugging $10.00/M

Additional Charges May Apply

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