Increase Your Revenues

Looking to generate additional revenue with your house file? We can help.

About Us is a division of The Information Refinery, the only direct marketing company specializing in the construction marketplace. We currently manage a wide array of highly desirable construction lists spanning the entire spectrum of the construction industry.

Our Team

Our experienced, hard working team of list management professionals is ready to help you maximize the very lucrative stream of revenue that can be derived from renting out your list for business to business offers. The Information Refinery prides itself in obtaining the most possible list revenue for the owners of each of the lists that we manage. We find that we often double, and perhaps even triple, previous list rental revenues for our list owners when we take over a management of a list.

How We Help

Our list management clients benefit greatly from the fact that many list brokers and large mailers targeting the construction industry look to The Information Refinery and first when they are seeking out the best and most effective construction lists on the market to promote their clients' products and services. We have many ongoing relationships with mailers and brokers that enable us to rent your list more often than any other list manager.

Market Research

We perform careful research and analysis to discover every possible market for each of our managed files and aggressively market them to all potential mailers. We contact direct marketing brokers, go directly to large mailers, and also market our managed files to niche companies whom we identify as potential customers for a particular list. We write, we call, we email, we work trade shows and conventions, and we visit potential mailers in person in a full court press to get the most revenue possible from each of our list management properties.

Data Protection

While our active and knowledgeable list management staff leaves no stone unturned in its quest to market our managed lists, we always make certain that your list will be carefully safeguarded. All list rentals will be dependably monitored, and each of our list owners always retains complete control and final approval over who is allowed to use their list, for what purpose, how often, and at what price.